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Toronto Growhouse Inspections

A Growhouse is a building or structure that has been set up to cultivate marijuana plants. This is illegal and these setups are normally concealed and unregulated. The operators will purchase (or rent) a house in which to establish the operation and thus, the “growhouse”is not easy to spot. As the operators are not interested in keeping the house long term, the house is often renovated in such a manner as to cause structural problems. In addition, harsh chemicals and fertilizers are used, stored, and may have been spilled in the house.

Sick Building Solutions specializes in inspecting and cleaning former grow operations.

Unfortunately, once a growhouse has been identified and closed down, the problems don’t end there. Due to the nature of the operation, there may be contamination of the walls, carpets, and even ceilings.

However, one of the most serious problems that occur during a grow operation is mould growth. The marijuana plants require large amounts of both heat and water, the conditions that are created resemble a tropical rainforest. These conditions lead to mould growth in all parts of the home, not just the usual areas of basement and attic.

Clean up can be a big job, but not impossible. Click the link below for a detailed look at the problems and solutions.

Growhouse Clean Up

The good news is SBS can always remove all existing mould and return the house to occupancy standards. Once the operation has been shut down and the humidity drops to normal levels, the mould growth will slow or stop. The last step is to clean up the existing infestation and ensure that there are no other moisture sources that may lead to continued growth.

At SBS, we provide full inspections of former growhouses to ensure that all environmental, structural, and chemical problems are identified and dealt with. We also provide engineering inspections and certificates.

Call us today and we’ll provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that growhouses can be dealt with.