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Mould Proof Coatings

EnviroShield™ 100 Clear Coating and EnviroShield 90™ White Coating are products designed to protect porous and semi-porous surfaces from moisture and mildew damage.
These coatings represent the next generation of coating technology developed for mould remediation and flood damage. They are formulated with EPA registered inorganic silver that delivers protection from mould and odour causing bacteria on the dried coating film.

EnviroShield 90 Mould-Resistant CoatingEnviroShield 90 Mould-Resistant Coating

EnviroShield™ 90 is a WHITE coating, applied at the job site, to penetrate porous surfaces and mould and mildew growth on the dried coating.  It allows moisture vapors to permeate the film and will greatly improve the natural water resistance of wood and gypsum wallboard. 

enviroshield greenEnviroShield 100 Mould-Resistant Coating
EnviroShield™ 100 is an easy to use CLEAR permanent coating that provides long-term residual protection against the damaging effects of water intrusion, excessive moisture and mould growth.  It is ideal for new construction, remodeling or common repair projects where protecting porous surfaces from damaging mould and mildew growth is needed.  EnviroShield™ 100 is a protective coating that can be used to enhance the beauty of visible surfaces.